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CZDW Armour Exhibition


Shenzhen 2021


As featured designer at the Shenzhen Design Week, Daishi Yoshimoto was invited to design an armor for a temporary exhibition during the event. Yoshimoto's design, titled "the Fading Armor" was created with translucent materials which questions what we need to defend ourselves from in the modern age. Yoshimoto was one of two designers from Japan represented at the exhibition together with designer Naoki Iijima.

深圳デザインウィークの展示のひとつ、「現代に必要な鎧(Armor)展」に提案を出展しました。「Fading Armor(フェードアウトする鎧)」と題して、物理的な強度が必要なくなった分、電磁波、放射線、ウィルス等の目に見えない敵に対抗する現代の鎧の姿を提案しています。

The Fading Armour

In order to serve its purpose, an armor has traditionally been built with heavy materials. As the elements from which we protect ourselves have changed to ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves, or viruses, needs for physical durability have faded, and have been taken over by needs to protect against invisible adversaries.

Daishi Yoshimoto

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