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Tokyo 2019

Schematic Design

Design Development

Construction Documents

Contract Administration

Architects: UDS

Structural Design: Odakyu Engineering

MEP Design: EM Sekkei

Lighting: Tomoru Design Meguro

Graphic Design: Artless

Photography: Nacasa & Partners

*Work designed while at UDS


YUEN Shinjuku is a modern and urban version of the traditional Japanese Ryokan. We extracted the essential features of Ryokan and “edited” it to fit the practical needs of modern travelers. While the front façade is that of a very traditional Ryokan the traditional design begins to gradually blend and shift to modern contemporary design as the guest proceeds towards the lobby and on to the guestroom. This transition is intended to be very subtle and natural so that the whole experience is comfortable and memorable, while being authentically Japanese.​


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