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Park Court Shirokane Chojamaru


Tokyo 2021

Facade Design

Common Area Interior Design


Architects: Atelier SEAP

Lighting Design: Tomoru Design Meguro

Art Direction: A.I.T.

Construction: Seibu Construction

Photography: Yuhosha / YOSHIMOTO ASSOCIATES

Official Movie

Good Design Award 2022

Mitsui Fudosan Residential Official Relase

A long and straight approach way leads to the "hidden art gallery" nestled in the woods - this is how we envisioned this residence. Principal axes of the landscape and architecture have been defined, where select pieces of modern art were placed to mark the sequence of axes as one moves along. The vast forest of the nearby Tokyo Garden Museum became the inspiration of the wood slat design on the facade and interiors, while all other materials were selected to remain subtle and minimal to make the art and rich landscape the focal point, rather than the building. Circadian-controlled lighting design and the rich landscape greenery work together to give residents a sense of time and the changing seasons.


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