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Osaka 2022

Interior Design


Lighting Design: UCLD

Construction: Takenaka

Photography: Tomoki Hahakura

Wellco Official Site

Hankyu Hanshin Properties News Release

Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South Official Website

Osaka Nichinichi Daily article

​TOTO Com-ET projects site

WELLCO is an amenity floor in the "Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South" office tower for exclusive use of its tenants. With a net floor area of roughly 3500sqm, WELLCO is equipped with a 400-seat full-service cafeteria, 2 lounges, a drink bar, a convenience store, a fitness room, a concentration work room, nap rooms, and even a massage room. All spaces designed to be loosely connected in a free-flowing plan encircling the entire floor. The goal is to "Re-Energize" office workers by offering health-conscious nutrition, exercise and relaxing opportunities considered to be essential for high productivity and performance. In addition to extensive use of natural wood as architectural finishes and furniture, "Biophilic Design" principles are at work where natural plants are abundantly visible in all corners of the space.  


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