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Residential Renovation in Hanegi


Tokyo 2023

Renovation Design


Construction: Iegumi

In a quiet, yet dense residential neighborhood, a three-story wooden house underwent a dramatic transformation. Prior to the intervention, the proximity of the neighboring houses had not allowed windows on the 2nd floor admit enough natural light, while the 3rd floor enjoyed a striking abundance of sunlight during daytime. After a portion of the 3rd floor was taken out to create an atrium acting as a "light well", the entire 2nd floor living room is now filled with light. Throughout the house, wall and ceiling boards were removed leaving the structural elements exposed, resulting in a dynamic and continuous series of open spaces, previously separated as individual rooms. At the top floor, a long soffit extends from the bed room to the study area, overlooking the 6m-tall atrium and its full-height bookshelves.


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