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Tokyo 2009

Architectural Design

Architects: Takenaka+ADPI

Structural/MEP engineers: Takenaka

Photography: Kawasumi Architectural Photography

Takenaka Website: New French Embassy

*Work designed while at Takenaka


When the French government decided its 50-year old Embassy in Tokyo needed to be rebuilt, it had some compelling reasons: it lacked space, consumed too much energy, and did not meet current seismic standards. Sited quietly on the southern edge of the richly wooded 270,000-square-foot compound, the new Embassy now stands as one of the most iconic, environmentally sensitive, and earthquake-resistant diplomatic outposts in Japan. Paying respect to the past as it gently embraces the historic Edo-era forest, its modern design looks boldly to the future in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of friendship between France and Japan.


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