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UR Museum of Urban and Lifestyle Design


Tokyo 2023


Architects: Yoko Kinoshita+Makoto Watanabe/A.D.H

Exhibit Design: Total Media Development Institute

Technical Advisors: Takenaka, YOSHIMOTO ASSOCIATES

Construction: Takenaka


Official Website

The Museum of Collective Housing, formerly located in Hachioji, has been relocated to a site within the "Nouvelle Akabanedai" housing complex. Adjacent to the Museum are three iconic tri-star "Star House" towers are preserved as historic landmarks. The main attraction of the Museum are the four life-size recreations of dwelling units from some of Japan's most notable examples of public housing: Harumi, Tamadaira, Hasune, and Dojunkai Daikanyama apartments. They are visble through the glass facade intended to act as "specimen boxes" displaying its content. Our office took part in the project team as advisors assisting in code interpretation and technical/construction issues.  


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